Ukulele Tabs

Here are some melodies that I have arranged for Ukulele.

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El Choclo

Also known as The Kiss of Fire
This melody is one of the all time  favorite tangos.  I tune my uke in D tuning so this arrangement would be in G minor.  For ukuleles tuned in C major you will be in F minor.

Watch for 12th fret tabs in the endings of the 2nd and 3rd parts, they look like a first and second fret combination.
Tico - Tico

Here's another one of my favorites.  In arranging this melody I used a style similiar to the charango style where the melody is played as an arpeggio.

Watch for the half notes at the cadences,
the tab doesn't indicate them.
Sally Gardens

This is an Irish Reel that is a standard among Irish Musicians. The eighth notes are played as swing eighth notes.  Irish reels can be played fast for dancing or even faster for listening.
Arkansas Traveler

Here's a favorite Old Timey tune. 
Rondo alla Turka

This is part of the final movement of Mozart's Sonata in A
K 331
Drowsy Maggie

This is another Irish Reel that is a favorite among Irish Musicians. The eighth notes are played as swing eighth notes. 
Carol of the Bells
My arrangement of Carol of the Bells includes the descending bass line along with the melody.  Try to sustain the bass notes
Away in a Manger

Here I used an arpeggio accompaniment to compliment the melody.  I also used several jazz chords to enhance the harmony. 
Silent Night

Like Away in a Manger my arrangement of Silent Night has an arpeggio accompaniment.  Because the melody and the arpeggio are in the same octave a dissonant yet beautiful harmony is created 
Bach's Minuet in G

I arranged this minuet for ukulele & guitar.  The guitar part is ready but not yet posted.
The Girl I Left Behind

Another Old Time tune that dates back to the colonial days. My favorite version is by the original Red Clay Ramblers.
Die Fledermaus Waltz

A lively waltz from the comic opera Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss.
Variation on a Theme by Sor

Here is my variation on a classical guitar piece by
Fernando Sor.
Nutcracker March

The March from Tchaikovsky's most successful ballet.
Andante by Fernando Sor

This is one of Sor's andantes.  This one is in C Major and is in common time.  I inverted some of the harmonies to fit them on the uke.
Mozart Sonata in C Major  K545

Here is the theme from the second Andante movement.
Chopin - Prelude Opus 28 No. 7

A beautiful romantic miniature composed by Chopin in a series of preludes composed in each major and minor key.
Black and White Rag

This is a fantastic ragtime tune that is a standard among Bluegrass and Old Time players.
Rose Division

An Old Time tune with Wave File
Dill Pickle Rag

Oldtime Rag tune with Wave File
Ode to Joy

Theme from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9
Fourth Movement

Japanese Folk Melody - Cherry Blossom
Another Jig Will Do

Irish Slip Jig in 9/8 time.
Kesh Jig

Irish Jig in 6/8 time
The Star of the County Down

Irish Folk Melody
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